Planting our fruit trees.

Selecting and planting suitable fruit trees that can survive our altitude.

Due to our altitude we had to think carefully about the fruit tree varieties that would grow well here. Luckily we had a Pepiniere at a nearby village that grew and sold fruit trees adapted to its 1000m of altitude.

(Pepiniere at Les Jardins RÉVOL)

So in November we visited and selected 4 apple trees( Reine de Reinette, , Belle de Boskop, and 2 local varieties, Conte and Court Pendu.)
 2 plum trees (Mirabelle and Reine Claude Verte) and a Quince.

Unfortunately Pears were not available, so we have sourced those from a Organic supplier online. A Conference and a Doyenne du Comice.

La Ferme de Sainte Marthe

We had inherited some good stakes from the previous owner and made the rest from a hazel we had coppiced in October.

The trees were mulched with leaf mould and our chipped bark, so now we have to see if they survive the rigours of an Auvergnat winter!