Preparing raised beds

As we have had a spell of dry fine weather we have got on with preparing the raised beds. We had three prefabricated plastic beds we had brought over from the UK and these are now all assembled with garlic planted up already and shallots and broad beans going into the other two.

Due to the slope of the garden we had to dig out a mini terrace of flat ground for the beds to be on. We have also done a fourth bed free form and used logs and a hazel hurdle to construct it. This was a lot harder especially with the slope and we are not completely happy with it yet, its still a bit cockeyed!

Doing the hazel hurdle – well hazel and mock orange to be exact – was interesting, and took us a few goes before we got it right. But we are pleased with the result now.

The shallots can now go in on the weekend, and we move on to preparing some beds for the potatoes.

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