It sounds a bit like this….

Its been a terrible May here weather wise, the worst for 25 years apparently. So we have had to take every window of opportunity to try to move things along in this new garden we are creating.

Last Saturday we had snow and sleet, with hail later, interspersed with some sunny spells –  an opportunity for some quick hoeing of weeds.

While I hoe the sounds change all the time, a chaffinch is calling over in the trees and a thrush also starts up. At other times you may hear, cuckoos, woodpeckers, buzzards, great tits, long tailed tits and at night a tawny owl.

Most of the sounds we hear are natural as we live in a small hamlet in the forest away from any main roads.

Rain/hail on the serre

A distant train/aeroplane

Faint music from the little house

A buzzards cry

Screams of jays

The harsh rasp of a raven

A bee just buzzed past, I hope it finds my broad beans which have just come into flower!

But at this exact moment, silence, then a thrush starts up again.

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