Not a lot happens in our village. The population is only 47, theres no bar or boulangerie or shop. But we do have an excellent garage at the bottom of the hill leading up to our hamlet.

P1020500 2


The main event usually is a get together at Christmas for champagne and cake. However the local church has been the subject of major renovations and so an inauguration ceremony took place on Saturday.


invite for the church inaugeration

There was a mass performed by the Bishop of Le Puy en Velay and then numerous speeches by local dignitaries including our local mayor resplendent in a tricolour sash.

Mayors speech at the church inauguration

The church is originally 11th century but heavily reworked in the 15th century including wall paintings which have also been restored.

church interior

After the speeches we all retired to the Mairie for an “apéritif dinatoire” which turned out to be sangria and savoury and sweet nibbles, including some gorgeous raspberry and cream macaroons.

Vals le Chastel Mairie

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