Kiwi: Actinidia arguta ‘Issai’

I planted a Kiwi Issai yesterday, its very hardy so should do ok here.

I’ve planted it against some existing shrubs and with some old branches as a framework as it can get quite large and unruly.

kiwi issai

kiwi issai

There is not a large amount of information on the internet about them, but a good précis can be found on the Victoriana Nursery Garden site.

  • Harvest late September / October.
  • Can stand temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F).
  • Compact in habit – climbing (with support) to around 12 feet (3.65 metres) tall – but can of course be controlled with pruning.
  • Self fertile (but will not pollinate other female varieties).
  • Top Tips
  • Kiwis prefer a full sun position – the more you can give them the better.
  • Whilst they will grow in alkali soils, Kiwis prefer an acid soil (pH 5-6.5).
  • Whilst a moist soil is essential, Kiwis do not like to be waterlogged so avoid heavy or poorly drained soils.
  • Growth can be rapid even in the first year – so ensure you are well prepared with suitable supports such as trellis or horizontal wires at 12″ (30 cm) spacings.
  • If planting more than one, allow a spacing of 16 feet (4.8 metres) between plants.

Claire of Claires Allotment website has done a video describing planting a Kiwi Issai.

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