March Calendar


Looking south


Looking north

The weather is finally on the turn after three weeks of warm sunny days with the maximum temperatures between 17C and 20C . Its returning to a more seasonal 10C tomorrow with rain forecast.

We have got well ahead therefore with preparing beds for spring planting, and constructed four new raised beds with old planks salvaged from the barn. Due to the gardens slope, the placing of the beds involves a spirit level and much fiddling around to get the beds level!


Signs of spring are now all over the garden. Rhubarb coming through, primroses, wild garlic and bluebells showing. The savoy cabbages are hearting up and the three purple sprouting broccoli that made it through the winter are now beginning to flower.

All in all a better start to the gardening season than last years cold and wet spring, though things could change during April, however I’m going to think positive thoughts!.

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