May calendar

As usual May has been a very busy time in the garden, though easier than last year as we have had less beds to prepare from scratch.


Looking west across the garden

The empty beds are waiting for my squash, courgette and beans to go out, though they are still hardening off at the moment. Both early and main crop potatoes are looking good and the leeks are also now in though under enviromesh (more as cat prevention than anything. They already think the earthed up potato rows are a great hidey hole ).

Today we finished preparing our last bed of the year for our outdoor tomatoes, Marmande and Green Zebra.

Looking north.

Showing off our bluebell patch planted last autumn and just now in flower.


Looking north with the bluebell patch in the foreground

I have taken a couple of cuts off our comfrey patch, for the potato beds and for some soup. It has only encouraged them it seems, they have re-grown very quickly and are just coming into flower.

comfrey patch

comfrey patch

More May highlights.

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