frescoes and old lace

It’s been too hot to do anything much these past few days but we have been out and about a bit!

We had a couple of interesting cultural excursions this weekend, both of them in full-on rapid French.

The first, on Saturday, was the opening of a new summer exhibition at the Lace Museum in Brioude.
20140609-181809Now, I have to admit that we’ve never visited the Lace Museum, because to be honest it really doesn’t sound that thrilling. It’s a bit like the Pencil Museum in Keswick – it’s always been there as a wet weather alternative, but we’ve not actually had to resort to it. Turns out we were wrong in this case. The museum is housed in a beautiful old building, and there is a lot of really fascinating social history as well as the exhibits relating directly to the lace-making industry in the region. It’s also a working studio, producing contemporary designs which are used by fashion designers in their catwalk collections. My French really wasn’t up to…

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