St Didier sur Doulon and Lugeastre by velo

It’s excellent country around our way for cycling. The roads are well surfaced and traffic is light. La Petite Maisom Bijoux has done all the heavy duty blogging on this one!

Since the Tour de France finished, we’ve been spending less time watching other people ride their bikes, and a bit more time actually getting out on ours.

We usually head south out of the village and pick up the main road to Brioude, but we’ve been experimenting with turning the other way in the direction of La Chaise Dieu. It’s a very pretty route, along the course of the River Doulon. The road is quiet, with a good surface, and it’s lined with trees, which is a plus on a hot day.

It’s mostly uphill on the way out, but you do get to drop down into the village of St Didier sur Doulon, where the Auberge du Doulon serves great coffee, and you can plan the rest of your route. Or just have a bit of a breather. The Tour de France tattoo is just a temporary one, by the way!


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1 thought on “St Didier sur Doulon and Lugeastre by velo

  1. Osyth

    I haven’t cycled at all since arriving in Cantal …. your post and pictures have inspired me to dust off my Gary Fisher and get out and about sans voiture and for once not as a pieton! Thank you 🙂


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