August Calendar

The weather is settling down this week, but for most of the month – as July – we have had lots of rain and storms. So much so that we have not had to water the garden at all this summer. So some things have flourished, shallots, squash, potatoes, while others have struggled, climbing beans, tomatoes (half got blight).

freshly dug desiree potatoes

freshly dug desiree potatoes

Looking North


Looking South


The herbs and flower garden have flourished in the rainy weather with the star being the Hyssop plant, which is always covered in bees and butterflies.

Some flowers are now setting spectacular seed pods, including this Honesty.


We will collect the seed and sow next year.

1 thought on “August Calendar

  1. afrenchgarden

    We have had similar experience in the garden. Oddly, I planted Hyssop for the bees this year and it has not flowered yet, I also sowed Honesty and have only got the leaves (I hope it is a biennial !). I love the Honesty photograph. Amelia


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