Le Tour de l’Avenir 2014 – Stage 1

A lovely afternoon watching the arrival of the young riders with La Petite Maison Bijoux.

For people who enjoy cycling and follow it fairly closely, we’ve had very little luck with the Tour de France. We’ve been in many places which have featured in the race, just not at the right time. Notably, there was the year a stage started from Brioude a few days after we left, and the year we just missed it passing through Normandy. The Grand Départ in Yorkshire this year topped it all off. Stage 1 left from outside the Leeds Central Library, where I used to work. It passed the end of our road in Harewood. It went all over the Dales, where we used to walk most weekends. It finished up in Harrogate, where I used to work. And there we were, watching it on the television in France. Still, it’s an annual event, so the chances are it’ll come within striking distance of us at some point in…

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