Le Tour de l’Avenir – Stage 2

The second stage through the Haute Loire.


As planned, we drove over to La Chaise-Dieu to catch part of stage 2 of the Tour de l’Avenir yesterday afternoon. The last few kms of the drive were along the route of the race, so we were able to scout out a good place to stand and watch, and we walked back there once we’d parked the car. Then we just had to wait for a while… but it was a sunny day, we had a flask of coffee, the scenery was beautiful, and once again there was a cheerful small crowd, including several people on bikes. Chapeau to them; there is no easy route up to La Chaise-Dieu, which is at an altitude of 1082m.

We had a great vantage point when the race came through, as they came along the road below us, turned through a hairpin bend, then climbed past us, at a slightly slower pace…

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