September calendar

Its been a lovely September so far. Misty mornings breaking through to sunny afternoons and evenings. Its very noticable how the nights are drawing in and its now getting dark just after 8 pm, which as we have now passed the autumn equinox is to be expected.

looking south

looking south

looking north

looking north

We are still picking haricot and french beans, tomatoes, lettuce and leeks. The Mara de Bois strawberries are still fruiting and I think only frost will stop them! The courgettes and squash have finished and the vegetables for the autumn will be the borlotti beans, fennel, beetroot and cauliflower.

The flowers and herbs have been stunning this year with the Hyssop and the Asters being the star performers along with the ever reliable calendula.

As I said in another post we lost our tabby cat this month. She has been much missed as she was very companionable when we were working in the garden, and liked to wander around with us. Her loss has cast a bit of a shadow over this month.


1 thought on “September calendar

  1. afrenchgarden

    We’ve had a beautiful September too, in fact, despite the strange changes in the weather, 2014 so far has been a mild year that has been great to be outside in. I tried a little pot of Hyssop for the bees and it is still tiny. I don’t think I put it in a sunny enough position. Yours looks lovely. I’ve been luckier with my asters I planted last year but I still want more. Your white one looks lovely. Amelia


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