Blackberry leaves

20141011-bramble1We have enough blackberries safely in the freezer and I must get on and make jam this weekend. They are now mostly over and the leaves are turning fantastic colours that I was lucky to catch in some autumnal light this afternoon.

bramble 2

The leaves turn into marvellous abstracts when seen in close up.

bramble 3

2 thoughts on “Blackberry leaves

  1. Osyth

    What beauty nature bestows on us and what bounty too … enjoy the making and the eating of the jam and I suspect your good wife will produce some wonderful jewellery inspired by autumns fruits too. I rather think I would wear a blackberry inspired anything!

  2. afrenchgarden

    I had never noticed the lovely colours blackberry leaves turn in autumn! We call them brambles in Scotland and I love collecting brambles for making jelly but this year we were to involved in our trip to the UK to have enough time. Amelia


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