Planning for 2015

This time of year its normal to start thinking about what we would like to do next year, taking into account what did well this year, what failed etc. All those listed below did well this year and merit another year.

We try to concentrate on veg that we like – obviously – but also that is expensive or impossible to purchase, especially organically. For the last two years we have been here, french beans, both climbing and dwarf have done very well and we still have freezer bags full of this years crop.The borlotti beans were new for this year and produced many excellent large beans, which we used fresh and  froze.

We grew peas for the first time and were very pleased with the easiness of cultivation and the crop produced, especially as the seeds – “Douce Provence” – were bought very cheaply from Lidl.

I read lots of dire warnings about trying to grow fennel, however either the difficulties were exaggerated, or we were lucky as we have had a large number of good-sized bulbs which we  have turned into risotto and slow cooker stews.

So I know now roughly what we will be growing next year, and so its time to plan the beds.

The climbing beans are staying in the same bed as last year so it will need a good feed this winter. Other than that there is a rotation around for the rest of the veg, to cut down on any diseases.

4 thoughts on “Planning for 2015

    1. datz53 Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Lisa. We feed the soil in a number of ways. Composted horse manure (€9 for 70 litres)for a slow release, applied in winter or early spring. Plus seaweed meal and or woodash if required. Organic chicken manure pellets as and when required during the growing season and also liquid comfrey feed (homemade).

  1. afrenchgarden

    We try to go over what was good, what wasn’t worth it but we are very behind this year. I had the same favourable results as you with the beans and peas this year but we’ve never succeeded in growing fennel bulbs. We won’t try again next year – I’ll just plant some to flower for the bees as they love them. Amelia


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