Into Winter


It’s the last day of November today and winter is just around the corner. Looking at the forecast it’s taking a turn towards a more seasonal pattern, and we have been cutting wood today stocking up for the colder weather ahead.

We also planted a Japanese Quince (Chaenomeles), which we have had for a couple of days. We have seen some around this area so it should do ok and according to the label it should thrive in any soil.

other than a mulch and a snip, I do little but harvest

says Alys Fowler.



1 thought on “Into Winter

  1. afrenchgarden

    The flowering quince do very well around here producing masses of flowers and attracting loads of bees. I have not been brave enough to plant one myself but visit a neighbours as I enjoy watching the bees in it in the springtime. Amelia


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