December Calendar


Fennel seed heads

December has been a very wet month here, much worse than the last two, which were cold and dry. The garden has come to a close now with only kale left in for the winter and all the other beds empty and dug over, save for the two beds of perennial vegetables and herbs. Its been a good year for produce in the garden and we have been self-sufficient in veg for many weeks. Now we have a couple of months of planning for next year to look forward to.



winter garden

winter garden

2 thoughts on “December Calendar

  1. afrenchgarden

    The fennel seed head is beautiful. I gathered in all my seeds as they make a lovely tisane – just let them soak in boiling water. Now I see yours I feel a bit guilty that I’ve deprived the birds. Do you get birds eating the seeds? Amelia


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