A new year and winter pruning

We have done our winter pruning of the fruit trees and bushes this morning, and given them all a spray with some organic winter wash. We always find pruning a bit stressful as we are not very confident that we are doing it correctly.

You can find good advice on pruning fruit trees at the RHS website and also the  Ashridge Nursery website. Here’s a video from Ashridge on pruning a three-year old tree, which we have found very useful.

I’m always pleased with the turn into the new year. The days are lengthening and the weather is usually colder but dryer here. Its time to think with optimism of the gardening season to come.

4 thoughts on “A new year and winter pruning

  1. afrenchgarden

    You are ahead of us but we must get started soon although there is still time. We can’t wait too long or they will start budding again and that is no bad thing as we are looking forward to the spring too. Amelia

    1. datz Post author

      We are quite early this year! We are having a fairly mild spell so thought we would crack on while the garden wasn’t frozen or snowed over. I’ll give them another spray in February.

      1. Gena Lorainne

        I had the exact same issue with the weather, and I couldn’t do it earlier because I were busy. Such misfortune! When would be the best time to prune now, they are all icy and frozen.

      2. datz Post author

        Anytime, until the end of February will be fine. Just wait for a break in the very cold weather.

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