January Calendar 2015


Its been a mild January this year, with the temperature only dipping below -4 on a couple of nights. We have had a couple of periods of snow so far, 3-4 cm each time so not too disruptive. Kale is the only veg left in the garden now as the rest shuts down for winter, though spring bulbs are beginning to appear around the garden.


3 thoughts on “January Calendar 2015

  1. Osyth

    Crazy mild it is … I wish I had a crystal ball to tel me what we have in store through May! Are there any other veg, apart from Kale which to my amusement is now the obsession of the bright young things in London Town, that will withstand snow?

    1. datz Post author

      I nursed some purple sprouting broccoli through last winter. But it was hard going and I wouldn’t bother again. I’ve run out of leeks now but they should be ok and some people in the village still have a few out. Most of the potagers around here are empty and dug over by mid November. I think that tells us something! On the subject of kale it’s very funny to see it become fashionable especially as I grow the highly desired Cavalo Nero variety beloved of hipster foodies!

      1. Osyth

        I remember the first time I had Cavalo Nero was in a veg box from Riverford Organics which was my good veg lifeline for many years … it is the king of kale, that’s for sure! Thank you for the advice 🙂

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