April Calendar 2015


April has been a good month in the garden, with mild sunny weather so a lot has been done and everything is now looking very green. No time to relax though as last night we had a frost so we had to put fleece over the peas as a precaution. The broad beans however, should be hardy enough to survive a mild frost and are under enviromesh which gives some protection. The strange twine construct over the shallots and the potato bed is to deter our cat! Today, more potatoes to plant, main crop “Sarpo Mira” a blight resistant variety.

The week ahead look more changeable with the temperature rising into the low 20s again, but with more rain.

Looking south

Looking south

Looking north

Looking north

2 thoughts on “April Calendar 2015

  1. afrenchgarden

    The garden is looking good at the end of April. You reminded me that I had the same Fritillaries last year but there is no sign of them this year. If yours are up mine should be, perhaps they have been early victims of the strimmer. Amelia


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