Morning walk

early morning sun and trees

early morning sun on the road to La Pelouche

Partly due to wanting to lose some weight and to keep my fitness up over the summer, I’ve started walking around 2 miles every morning after breakfast. Always after breakfast, I’ve tried walking before and my blood sugar must be really low as I never feel very good.

This summer has been so hot that long walks and cycle rides have been out of the question and a lot of lounging around watching the Tour de France has occurred. So the walks are to compensate for this and I’ll probably continue even when it gets a bit cooler in the autumn.

I usually walk up the road from our house to the next hamlet, then down a track leading to a woodland chapel, but turning round after a mile is recorded on my iPhone walking app. The wildlife about early morning varies, though this morning was particularly good for wildlife spotting. I saw two buzzards (Buse Variable), a green woodpecker (Pic Vert) heard a black woodpecker (Pic Noir) and saw a fox heading across a field. Not bad for a 40 minute walk! This morning was bright, sunny and 15C, though we a due a high of 33C. If you look carefully at the last photo you can see the parched yellow fields due to this July canicule (heat-wave, literally “dog days”).

view over the doulon valley

view over the Doulon valley towards Domeyrat

20150724 090452

looking towards the Mageride from the hamlet of La Pelouche

1 thought on “Morning walk

  1. Osyth

    As you know I am a fan of walking and I must say that early morning is the only way this summer … something to thank the heat for because like you, I have discovered the joys of all the little (and larger) creatures getting things done before it gets too hot. Lovely pictures of a lovely place 🙂


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