July Calendar 2015

20150726 103024

We are just coming out of a heat wave here with the temperatures hitting a high of between 36c – 41c (96F – 105F) on most days for the last three weeks or more. The garden is therefore not looking its best with a lot of scorched areas and plants. We also now have water restrictions and our water butts ran out about a fortnight ago. Luckily we have had a couple of heavy thunderstorms lately and they are now full again.

20150726 102344


20150726 103322


However the squash and courgettes have thrived in the conditions and we have nursed most of the plants through.



We have left some ares of the orchard to grow wild and have been rewarded with many wild flowers. The star of the moment though is this enormous thistle which the bees love.



2 thoughts on “July Calendar 2015

  1. afrenchgarden

    We got our first rain in ages last night – about 6mm. but it was very welcome. I love the picture of the thistle and the bumble bees. I think there will be less wild flowers for the bees with the lack of rain. Amelia


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