August Calendar 2015

Hybrid pattipan squash

Hybrid pattipan squash

August has followed on from July with less hot weather, but still a couple of spells of 30C+, one of which we are in at the present.

Bit too hot to do anything after midday!

The picture of the squash above is a mystery as it should look like the picture below.

sunburst pattypan

sunburst pattypan

I think it’s been planted too close to some potimarron squash and a bit of hybridisation has occurred.

Lots of beetroot available now, which we normally make into soup to have chilled on these hot days.



Plenty of courgettes and leeks are also available, though generally the garden still looks a bit scorched from the heat. We have only had one apple make it through to the end of summer, so we are monitoring it daily.

Flowers below all grown from seed provided by Ben over at the Higgledy Garden. If you don’t buy your flower seeds from him you should give him a try.

2 thoughts on “August Calendar 2015

  1. afrenchgarden

    Funny about your squash, we like butternut and that is what we planted but it is not what has come up. It is a much rounder shape, I hope it tastes good. Amelia

    1. datz Post author

      They taste lovely, we have had about six – in risottos mainly – already, and all from one plant. The good thing about summer squashes is not having to peel them. Always a bit of a chore with potimarrons or butternut squash.


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