Whisky Galore! (and brandy)

20151108 114846


To make way for the Sloe Brandy we have bottled up our Blackberry Whisky made in early September. We obviously had to have a taste to see how it’s progressing as we haven’t made it before. It was…gorgeous! And to be put away now until Christmas, possibly!

I followed the instructions over on The Crafty Larder, but cut back on the sugar a bit.

Meanwhile the sloes this year were very ripe and juicy so not much pricking was required, they are now macerating for a couple of months in 75l of brandy and 200 grammes of sugar.

Now, any ideas on what we can do with those whisky soaked brambles?

3 thoughts on “Whisky Galore! (and brandy)

  1. Osyth

    I would make a boozy version of apple and blackberry cake and with the remaindered fruit and serve it with the rest squooshed up into chantilly cream. Or make a lethal smoothie with ice-cream and berries (for the end rather than the beginning of the day, of course!) Looks divine by the way 🙂


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