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Christmas memories from my “other” blog.

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20150123 150137I posted this a couple of years ago, but I’ve now photographed more of the entries, which I will post up in the future. Pictured above our council house (1974?), my home for 18 years and for 30 years for my parents. In the far right distance, Cwmbran’s high rise, The Tower, at the time (1967) the highest residential building in Wales.

From 1959 to 1984 my mother kept lists of cards to send, presents and shopping to do for Christmas, her favourite time of year. It even includes a list of what went into our Christmas stockings each year and a day by day schedule of household tasks. These were all kept in small notebooks that luckily I have inherited and had not looked at for years. These are a selection from the early 1960s. Certain things stand out. The 25 pounder Dinky toy gun was a particularly favourite…

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