Christmas past: a transistor and a christmas bath

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A second selection from my mum’s christmas books, these are all from 1963. A very important year as looking at my present list I was bought my first transistor radio, which forever afterwards went with me everywhere. I can assume that the batteries in my stocking were to power it.

20151213-110948 1963 present and stocking list

Next there is my mum’s “work schedule” leading up to christmas. Including the scary “…iron David’s costume for nativity”! And look, on Friday we both had a pre christmas bath!

20151213-110731 1963 “work schedule”

A christmas shopping list, with tinned fruit featuring very heavily, plus the old favourite “Ye Old Oak Ham”.


And finally the ingredients and costing for the christmas cake. With marzipan at 8 shillings being the most expensive ingredient.

christmas cake christmas cake

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1 thought on “Christmas past: a transistor and a christmas bath

  1. Osyth

    This is such a wonderful insight into life 50 years ago. I was three years old when your mum was writing this. I must ask my mum if I got a pre-Christmas bath ….


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