new year, new name: welcome to harvest moon

waxing moon waxing moon

This is a quick heads up to let you know that I’ve changed the name of my online shop, and therefore of this blog. From now on, I’m Harvest Moon Jewellery.

Why the change of name? Well, the main reason is that I wanted an English language name. Since setting up nearly three years ago, I’ve found that most of my Etsy shop customers are in the UK and USA, so it seemed sensible to switch to something they could more readily understand and identify with. The French just don’t seem to ‘do’ online shopping so much, and those who do shop with me tend to do so via A Little Market, which is a French language online shopping platform. I’ll be keeping my old name, La Petite Maison Bijoux, for that.

So, as I was changing anyway, I thought I’d try to find a name that…

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