January Calendar 2016


The garden is looking very wintery as I took all the photos during the only snow we have had this month, mostly its been unseasonally warm and sunny!

The only veg we now have left are leeks and tuscan kale.

The beech hedge looks good against the snow, as do the fruit bushes. We have also done a major prune of all the bushes bordering our drive in an effort to tame them into a hedge.

The next job is to order seed potatoes and seeds for the coming year.


1 thought on “January Calendar 2016

  1. Osyth

    This lack of snow is quite disconcerting. I’m in Boston (well 20 miles east of to be exact) and last year they had 3′ of snow. This year we have had only two falls … one of 4″ and one of 2″ (and a couple of nasty ice-rain showers) and that has all gone. And forecast 59F on Wednesday. I feel quite cheated 🙂


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