Book Blogger Appreciation Week Day 1 : Introduce Yourself!

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I’ve written this post as part of Book Bloggers’ Appreciation Week (hosted by The Estella Society). Day 1 asks you to introduce yourself by listing five books that represent you as a person or your interests/lifestyle. It sort of piqued my interest so heres my contribution.

This may seem an eclectic selection but I’ve got wide reading tastes and read a lot of non fiction as well as novels. These are a mixture of favourite books and ones that influenced future reading. The major influences on my reading were my mothers love of books and the local library, in the days when a small library in a South Wales town in the 1960’s could offer you Balzac, John Updike and Brian Aldiss. I devoured them all.

Iain M Banks Excession

I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy and the late Iain M Banks is one of my favourites. This…

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1 thought on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week Day 1 : Introduce Yourself!

  1. Osyth

    Amazing selection and so good to see Wainwright in there. I prefer Iain Banks to Iain M Banks but that’s because I’m weird but not so sci-fi 🙂


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