St Julien des Chazes: Chapelle Sainte-Marie-des-Chazes

A trip down the Gorge d’Allier.

a lens in the landscape

The Chapelle is situated in the Allier valley in the Gorge d’Allier, Haute – Loire, roughly 45 minutes from where we live, though it’s taken us four years to get around to visiting it.

You get an initial glimpse through the trees from St Julien des Chazes.


It’s built into the hillside of local volcanic rock.

It’s 13th century in age and holds a 12th century polychrome madonna.


On the day we visited we were lucky enough to spy a Crag Martin nest in the porch with the parents feeding their young.

The gaps in the old wood door gave interesting glimpses of the interior and a beautiful iron gate led of one side of the porch.

All set in the beautiful surroundings of the Gorge d’Allier.

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