three churches of the haute allier

A tour around some of the many local churches.

a lens in the landscape

We recently visited three of the small, usually 12th century churches in the scattered villages that lie in the side valleys of the Allier. These were the L’église Saint-Roch at Aubazat, Église Saint-Cirgues at Saint-Cirgues, and L’église Saint-Austremoine.

L’église Saint-Roch (Aubazat)

A feature of this church was the 15th century polychrome tableau.

Église Saint-Cirgues

This church has some parts dating back to the 11th century. However the highlights are the 15th century frescoes that cover the walls and ceiling.


L’église Saint-Austremoine

Unfortunately this church was locked so we couldn’t visit the interior. It’s setting though is superb, high in a valley, overlooking the surrounding countryside.

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