Last week our beloved black and white cat Sophie died after a heart attack. She was just over  four years old. She bravely struggled on for a few days and we had her back home from the vets for a couple of days, but she had to be returned as she was so weak. The vets tell us she had a congenital heart condition, as did it now appears certain, her sister Jess, who died two years ago.

She was the gentlest cat we had ever had and a real character. It’s hard to imagine I won’t see her chasing crickets and butterflies around the garden or staking out voles in the grass. The garden and the surrounding woods were a paradise for a cat and it’s comforting to know she had such a good, though short life.

She will be greatly missed, an integral part of our life here, as was her sister.

5 thoughts on “Sophie

  1. HarvestMoonJewellery

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    Those who read this blog regularly will have seen photos of our black and white cat, Sophie. Sadly, she died of a heart attack last week – it turns out she had a congenital heart problem. We’re both adjusting to life without a cat at the moment, and here are a few words from David on the subject.

  2. Osyth

    I am so sorry to hear your sad news. I remember when Sophie’s sister died so suddenly and so young and it is tragic to learn that they shared the same condition and that Sophie too has been taken prematurely. I hope that the fact you gave her a paradise to live in will give a little comfort to you both as you adjust to life without her. Gentle spirits are often the most missed. Warm wishes to you both.

  3. gwenniesgardenworld

    I’m sorry to hear about your cats. I have dogs and I know what it’s like when a pet dies. They will be forever in your heart !


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