Grahy 2011


2011 was the first full year we owned our french house. We had arranged for a local builder to install a fosse septique, a bathroom and other improvements. Which he did during a very cold January through to March. So cold in fact that in February our neighbours contacted us to say the temperature was -18C at midday.



We came over for our first visit after the work had been completed in early April. For a very sunny week of gardening and cleaning.



This was also the visit of the giant hailstones.


On our next visit in September we tackled the overgrown terrace with its grindstone “table”.


Finally in 2011 we had our first Christmas at Grahy with a heavily improvised christmas tree.


3 thoughts on “Grahy 2011

  1. wendy scholefield

    All that hard work ready for someone else to enjoy, same as us really, such is life!

    Wendy xx

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Ross Daley

    I really enjoyed your post and the photographs. Sorry to see you are leaving however Northumberland is a beautiful place. Good Luck

    Ross Daley.

    Ambazac Limousin.


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