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Visit to Campanule & Compagnie plant nursery

Campanule & Compagnie – Plantes Vivaces Remarquables

We came upon this plant seller at a local plant fair in May. The selling point for us was the quality of the plants and the fact that the nursery is around 850 metres, so the plants should be well adapted to our gardens climate.

Or as they put it  on their website. 

“….de variétés toutes sélectionnées pour leur excellente adaptabilité & résistance à notre climat continental”

The nursery is situated on the slopes of the village with plants arranged alphabetically.

Each plant has a descriptive plate giving useful information.

We had a good browse around and came away with a couple of baskets of lovely plants

The other good feature is the garden section of the nursery with the plants labelled in borders for you to then find easily in the nursery. All are now planted up in our garden and benefited from a rainy day the next day. We will definitely visit again.