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Fine weather returns and planting can resume.

So a week ago the garden looked like this…..

We had what is hopefully our last few days of snow so now we can get on with the garden work.

We have planted up some soft fruit this week. Raspberries in the veg plot and red currants in the orchard. We are infilling between our fruit trees with different currants and gooseberries.

The rasps are above the blueberry bushes, and the blueberries are budding well.

So now we have a green view from the shed rather than the winter wonderland of a week ago.

Potatoes are now chitting and will be planted out early May, last frost day here is May 25th.

Also I’ve sowed numerous seeds in the garden shed, beetroot, lettuce, turnip and globe artichoke.

This coming week the shallots and jerusalem artichokes go in – weather permitting! Though we have had temperatures topping out at 21C this last week and no frosts forecast for the next few days.