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August calendar 2016

We are just emerging from another minor canicule with temperatures in the mid 30’s centigrade. So not much work has been done in the garden except for early mornings before it gets too hot. But the weather has definitely suited the Morning Glory flowers and the pattypan squash!

And its good weather for drying off the onion crop.



September calendar 2015

potimarons and patipans

potimarons and patipans

As the picture shows the squash have been picked and are awaiting many risottos, stews and curries.

The garden is slowing down now with some beds already empty with all the squash, courgettes and potatoes picked and stored. Still available are leeks, kale and borlotti beans, with fennel and cauliflowers available next month. Not sure if the fennel are frost hardy, so I may lose those if we get an early frost.

We also have a last flush of flowers with the asters being particularly good this year after we divided them from just two plants last year.

The garden is also full of dodgy looking mushrooms. I’m clueless on fungi identification so unless a local expert tells me they are edible, they are staying put!


Summers end

Its been a while since I’ve managed to do a proper post. What can I say? Life or the garden got in the way.

So its been a busy few weeks, but the results are now showing as we are harvesting tomatoes, french beans, courgettes in abundance. The sweet peas have also been fantastic and have been flowering for weeks.

One of the jobs that has taken a lot of time has been splitting and stacking the wood. We had left them as logs to season for a year and now need another year to dry out completely before they will be dry enough for our Rayburn.

One of the surprises of this first summer here has been the emergence of a large patch of wild oregano, which has been a firm favourite with the bees and butterflies as soon as it flowered.

We have lifted most of the potatoes and its been an good harvest with little slug damage, hopefully due to my using nematodes.  

We have now also cleared the garlic and shallot beds and lots of winter cabbage and kale has taken their place, as we look towards winter. 

So a lot achieved in a short space of time, which is very gratifying.