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weekly photo challenge: minimalist

terracotta tiles

terracotta tiles

This weeks challenge is  “Minimalist”  It should “illustrate a moment in time, or an artistic perspective, with simplicity and grace.”

I decided to work on a photo which for me just didn’t work as it stood. The original photo is below, however I prefer the cropped version above, focussing on the terracotta roof tiles. I love the repetitive pattern though in fact each tile is completely different.

The roof is part of an old mill, down on the Doulon river just outside our village of Vals le Chastel. Its unoccupied now, except for once this year when an elderly couple stayed in part of the mill for a couple of days. The son of the original owners maybe?

old mill roof

old mill roof

Terracotta strawberry bed borders

20140416-strawberry bed

Old terracotta tiles form a border for our new strawberry bed.

We were on a walk going through the small village of Domarget when we saw a very attractive potager garden on the banks of the river. The beds were all delineated with old  terracotta tiles and looked gorgeous. We knew we had a pile of old tiles behind the barn so set too creating our own tile border for the new strawberry patch made with runners from last years strawberries.

We are very pleased with the result and are in the process of doing some other beds this way.

20140416-strawberry bed closeup

Strawberry “Gariguette” just coming into flower.