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Morning sunlight

20140606-morning sunlight

Due to the house and garden being tucked just under the summit of an east facing hill we don’t get the sun into the garden until about mid morning. This photo is taken around 10am with the sun hitting the lower garden beds.

We are looking forward to a period of very hot weather in the next few days, or so our weather app tells us.



So gardening activity will be restricted to the cooler mornings and heavy use made of the loungers on the shady terrace!

Gardening weather



The last couple of days have been glorious. Frosty at night but then sunny and warm all day, and it looks set fair for the next few days.

So far we have prepared the raised beds for the early and main crop potatoes and peas, weeded the raspberry, blueberry  and rhubarb beds and  other bits and bobs around the garden. I  also placed a small cloche over one of our rhubarb plants and that is now showing through with new growth.

In another couple of days we will be able to mow the grass for the first time.

Lets hope this weather continues, however last year we had snow in March and late April so best to make on while we can!

The challenge of winter gardening

Frozen PSB raised bed

Frozen PSB raised bed

-6C last night and the snow is still lying on the garden. The PSB in particular has been hard hit. Leeks are just about peeking out of the snow and I’m glad I picked some of the perpetual kale yesterday as its completely frozen today.

We found last year that due to our altitude the snow stays around for a long time in the garden, down in the valley its all melted a couple of days ago.

It does mean you have to plan ahead. I dug up some jerusalem artichokes before the freeze, the ground being too frozen to dig now. Again, as soon as it thaws a bit I will have to dig up some leeks, which are completely frozen into the ground at the moment.

leeks in the snow

leeks in the snow

frozen psb leaves

frozen psb leaves

debaunton kale

debaunton kale

A change in the weather

We are into the first week of October and two things are apparent.

  • it’s getting colder
  • it’s time to harvest the frost sensitive crops

So it’s going to be a week of picking tomatoes, French beans, courgettes, and the potimarron squash.

It’s also time to put some fleece over the remaining lettuce.

Other jobs for this week include sowing some flower seeds for next year and now the cabbage white butterflies have gone, we can remove the Enviromesh from the kale, cabbage and purple sprouting broccoli.

Storm warnings

Its very stormy here at the moment, 2/3 days of very hot weather and then a downpour, so great for the garden as long as the storms don’t due too much damage. Yesterday we had thunder storms and rain forecast, so I netted most of the delicate stuff in flower, beans courgettes etc…… And nothing, not even a rumble of thunder!
Storms forecast again for today, with the temperature down in the valley due to hit 38C, up where we are a more bearable 32/34C. Which is one of the reasons we moved to this altitude. It’s only a bit colder in winter, though we get more snow, but in the summer it’s win, win, and I’ll take snow over days of rain any day.

It sounds a bit like this….

Its been a terrible May here weather wise, the worst for 25 years apparently. So we have had to take every window of opportunity to try to move things along in this new garden we are creating.

Last Saturday we had snow and sleet, with hail later, interspersed with some sunny spells –  an opportunity for some quick hoeing of weeds.

While I hoe the sounds change all the time, a chaffinch is calling over in the trees and a thrush also starts up. At other times you may hear, cuckoos, woodpeckers, buzzards, great tits, long tailed tits and at night a tawny owl.

Most of the sounds we hear are natural as we live in a small hamlet in the forest away from any main roads.

Rain/hail on the serre

A distant train/aeroplane

Faint music from the little house

A buzzards cry

Screams of jays

The harsh rasp of a raven

A bee just buzzed past, I hope it finds my broad beans which have just come into flower!

But at this exact moment, silence, then a thrush starts up again.

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