Evening garden walk around

A favourite time of the day is around nine o’clock as we do what watering is required and walk around the whole garden checking on progress. Today’s been very hot here, up to 27c so it’s nice to be out in the relative cool of the evening.
There are some squabbling jackdaws about tonight flying around the trees of the forest, but other than the buzzing of insects and some unidentified birdsong little other noise. A bee is encouragingly meandering around our flowering broad beans, which like most things this year are very late. The pipestrelle bats have returned and will soon be hoovering up what insects they can. It’s fascinating to watch them swoop and dive and hear the flurry of their wings.
The walk is also useful to help plan what needs doing in the future and other than some rain tomorrow we are set fair for high temperatures for the  next few days, summer has finally arrived!

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