Last veg standing


The only veg now left in the garden is our Kale, and even that is looking very sorry for itself.

We have tried bringing other veg through the winter but they have always involved a lot of work for very little reward. Step forward broad beans and purple sprouting broccoli! They just didn’t cope very well with the snow and extreme cold. Never mind, in a few weeks it will be time to plant out the shallots!

2 thoughts on “Last veg standing

  1. afrenchgarden

    I’ve never tried growing kale myself although I like it very much. I have vague memories of kale under snow in my childhood. It wouldn’t surprise me if your kale tastes just as good, once it gets worm enough for you to go out and pick it. Amelia

  2. Osyth

    Well done that Kale! It does look rather sad under its blanket of snow but to have got this far is worth some spontaneous applause. 🙂


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