the advance of autumn

Some autumn thoughts from Grahy.


It’s now late October, and autumn has well and truly arrived here in our corner of Auvergne. There are a lot of mushrooms springing up in the garden, as well as the surrounding woodland, and a correspondingly large number of locals gathering them. I’m not sure that the ones pictured above are good for eating (in fact I very much doubt that they are), but they do look rather lovely.

We’re still getting little late fruit from the strawberries, but I think the autumn fruiting raspberries are going to come to nothing this year. They’re very late, following the extremely hot, dry summer, and I don’t think they’ll have the chance to ripen now. Better luck next year, I hope. The borlotti beans have done OK though.

We still have a lot of colour from various flowers, wild and cultivated, including the calendula which have now self seeded all over the garden…

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